Workshop Agenda

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  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesSet the Stage: Info Gathering

    Who is participating and what do they already know about broadband?

    Presentation with chat and poll
    • SPC Welcome and Project Goals
    • What is Connectivity
    • Opening Video (~2 minutes)
    • Demonstration of the mapping database
    • Chatroom Introduction: Type names and organization/interest
    • Poll #1: Getting to know you
  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesProblem Identification: What’s Keeping People Away?

    What are the problems to address? i.e. Missing connections, Awareness, Affordability, etc. Be specific in asking about the barriers within these categories

    Group discussion via a shared jamboard
    • Fill in Jamboard live
    • Leave a Jamboard link per each workshop for followup additions from participants
  • Time: 30 minutesTime: 30 minutesEnvision the Potential: Brainstorm Solutions

    Where should Broadband be and what should it look like – in our ideal future?
    • How will people access internet?
    • Where will people access internet?
    • What will the infrastructure look like in our cities, towns, and streets?)
    Breakout groups and Drawing exercise
    • 3-4 groups per interest/field (10-12 people per group)
    • Dream big and explore solutions. Questions to be tailored per workshop participant group:
      • Digital skills
      • Policy
      • Digital Inclusion
      • Innovation pilots/by industry
  • Time: 25 minutesTime: 25 minutesAvenues for Implementation

    What are the priority areas and priority partners to work with in moving forward?

    Breakout groups and Drawing exercise
    • What systems do we have to work with:
      • DELIVER the service?
      • INCLUDE the infrastructure?
      • SUPPORT the program?
  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesActivate Team! Get the Word Out

    How should we get the word out? Who needs to hear it? What message resonates?

    Return to full group
    • Next Steps and Promotion
    • Jamboard Collaboration/Activity: submit your own messaging
    • Thank you and Closing Comments

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