Regional Advisory Committee Workshop Page

Welcome to your Workshop Connectivity Hub! As a member of the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), you are a valuable stakeholder and partner that will provide vital insight, feedback, and subject matter expertise on the issues surrounding regional broadband connectivity, affordability, and accessibility.


October 2021

Workshop Agenda

Our 2-hour workshop will include five (5) collaborative sessions, including: 

  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesSetting the Stage: Information Gathering Presentation & Chat

    • What are the project goals and key terms?
    • What do you know about broadband?
  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesProblem Identification: What’s Keeping People Away? Group Discussion

    • What are the problems to address?
      • Where does each barrier occur? Why does it occur? Who does it impact?
    • Go to the Jamboard
  • Time: 30 minutesTime: 30 minutesEnvision the Potential: Brainstorm Solutions Break-out Groups

    • Where should Broadband be and what should it look like?
      • How will people access internet?
      • Where will people access internet?
      • What will the infrastructure look like in our cities, towns, and streets?
    • SPC Mapping Tool
    • Go to the Jamboard
  • Time: 25 minutesTime: 25 minutesAvenues for Implementation Break-out Groups

    • What are the priority areas and priority partners to work with in moving forward?
  • Time: 20 minutesTime: 20 minutesHow to Get the Word Out Group Discussion

Workshop Participants

Thank you to our workshop participants

  • Department of Innovation & Performance (I&P)
  • Allegheny County Department of Human Services
  • Carnegie Library
  • Meta Mesh
  • Armstrong County Planning Director
  • Armstrong County Commissioners
  • State Representative 14th District
  • Butler County Planning Director
  • City of Pittsburgh Planning Director
  • Fayette County Planning Director
  • Fayette County Broadband Expansion: Fayette County Commissioners/Fayette Chamber of Commerce
  • Fayette County Public Schools – Belle Vernon School District; Brownsville Area School District State Representative District 50
  • Greene County Planning Director
  • Greene County Industrial Development Corp Broadband Expansion
  • Indiana County Broadband Deployment Initiative
  • Lawrence County Planning Director
  • Lawrence County Economic Development
  • Fiber Broadband Association
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers Association
  • PA Department of Community & Economic Development
  • United Way of PA
  • Duquesne Light
  • PA CCAP (County Commissioners)
  • PEW Charitable Trusts
  • PUC (Public Utility Commission)
  • Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh
  • Neighborhood Allies
  • Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation
  • Broadband Cable Association of PA
  • Washington County Planning Director
  • Washington County Public Schools
  • Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland

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